Gblicense v6 Full Source Free

What is Gblicense v6 Full Source Free

Gblicense v6 Full Source Free is a popular licensing system that used for multiple server software’s shared license system.
So we can sell license for cheap with full features. You can create Resellers too.

How GBLicense works?

Gblicense basically depends on API panel and activation script that connected to the API panel. When we license a IP and run activation commands of Gblicense, it’s get info from the API panel and active the license on that server.
WHMCS Module available to active, suspend and terminate license.

Does GBLicense need any third-party things?

Some of Software depends on shared proxy and some software depends on Trail License keys.

Do you provide GBLicense script with activation script as open source?

Yes, we provide everything related to GB as Open Source so you can modify and customize as you want.

What is the different on version v2.0 and v6?

There are major differences like improvement of API system and number of supported software.

v2 software supported:

cPanel VPS, cPanel Dedicated, Plesk VPS, Plesk Dedicated, Cloudlinux, Litespeed, Jetbackup, KernelCare, WHMReseller, Softaculous, Virtualizor, Imunify360

v6 software supported:

Cloudlinux, cPanel VPS, cPanel Dedicated, imunify360, Jetbackup, KernelCare, Litespeed 2W, Litespeed 4W , Litespeed 8W, Litespeed Load balancer, Plesk VPS, Plesk Dedicated, Sitepad, Softaculous, Virtualizor, WHMReseller, WHMSonic, JetBackup V5 Licensing System, RKHunter Interface (cPanel), Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel), (D)DoS Mitigator (cPanel), cPnginx Licensing System, cPShield-v2 Licensing System, FleetSSL Licensing System, DirectAdmin Licensing System

Gblicense v6 Full Source cPanel Unlimited

Gblicense v6 Full Source Free –

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