XtreamUI TEKO 3.0.4 Full Decrypt is one of the most used versions and mods of TEKO is now available and fully decrypted. In the article you will find all the supported extras

  • Added New Dashboard
  • Added Manage Servers
  • Added Proxy Server
  • Added Streaming Port Change not reload Nginx
  • Added Acces Code for Admin,Reseller and MAG
  • Renew Stream Providers
  • Added Clone Bouquet (Duplicate)
  • Added Bouquetd Streams/Movies/Series/Radios
  • Renew Recorder Bouquet
  • Added Color Topbar (in Edit Profile)
  • Added Color Navigation (in Edit Profile)
  • Added Renew Users and Add User
  • Added Renew Mags and Add Mags
  • Added Renew Enigma and Add Enigma
  • Added Movies Rating
  • Added Movies TMDB Status
  • Added Movie Server ONE CLICK tap to ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • Added Mass Edit Movie Filter Server/Video/Audio/Quality
  • Added Series Rating
  • Added Series TMDB Status
  • Added Stream State Shortcut
  • Added Stream Source Can Select from Stream Providers
  • Added Stream Server ONE CLICK tap to ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • Added Mass Edit Stream Filter Server/Video/Audio/Quality
  • Added Mass Streams Filter Server/Video/Audio/Quality
  • Added Stream Tools Choose Stream Type To Move
  • Added Stream Tools Replace Movies
  • Added Stream Tools Replace Episodes
  • Renew Quick Tools
  • Renew Mass Delete
  • Added Edit Modul
  • Added Favorit Button
  • Added Disable/Enable Panel and Geolite Update (in settings)
  • Added Remake Server
  • Added Change Streaming Automatic Restart Nginx
  • Added More ISP info in Live Connections (TAP to IP)
  • Added Adjust Credit from Users
  • Added Change MAG Portal from Panel
  • Added Change Panel Port
  • More and More
  • ADDED Dashboard Panel Update Notification
  • ADDED Download OLD version in UPDATES HEADER
  • ADDED Adult Pin/Paid in Mass Edit MAG
  • ADDED ISP Port 8005 in live_connections
  • FIXED Mass Edit Users
  • FIXED Edit Server
  • FIXED Mass Edit Streams Filter
  • FIXED Dashboard tap Offline streams
  • FIXED Created Channel Select Bouquet
  • FIXED Mass Edit MAG
  • FIXED Subreseller Button

teko mod 3
teko mod 3

Teko 3.0.4
Teko 3.0.4


XtreamUI TEKO 3.0.4 Full Decrypt

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