XtreamCode Portal road warrior installer for Ubuntu 18

This script will work on Ubuntu and probably other distros of the same families, although no support is offered for them. It isn’t bulletproof but it will probably work if you simply want to setup a XtreamCode Portal on your Ubuntu box. It has been designed to be as unobtrusive and universal as possible.

This is a free shell script under GNU GPL version 3.0 or above Copyright (C) 2017 LinuxHelps project.

Feedback/comment/suggestions : https://slaserx.dev Author Ivan Bachvarov a.k.a SlaSerX

Runs on

Debian Ubuntu

Script work only on Clean Ubuntu install servers

XtreamCode auto install script v1.0.1 – RELEASE

  • XtreamCode 1.60
  • Removed all Backdoors
  • Patched Version 1.0rc
  • fixed a lot of errors
  • Implemented support for Ubuntu 18
  • Added new mag devices support
  • Fix bugs

#How to Install

upload xc18.zip file on your server
unzip xc18.zip cd xc18
chmod +x install run with root ./install

Click to Watch

XC Autoinstall Ubuntu 18

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