X-TEKO v3.0.1 is a XtreamUI Teko mod version 3.0.1.  Using X-TEKO v3.0.1 as a service will save you time & money. Forget server administration & software installation! Focus on running your IPTV/VOD streaming business. Let us know if you know a better deal.

  • Added New Dashboard
  • Added Manage Servers
  • Added Proxy Server
  • Added Streaming Port Change not reload Nginx
  • Added Acces Code for Admin,Reseller and MAG
  • Renew Stream Providers
  • Added Clone Bouquet (Duplicate)
  • Added Bouquetd Streams/Movies/Series/Radios
  • Renew Recorder Bouquet
  • Added Color Topbar (in Edit Profile)
  • Added Color Navigation (in Edit Profile)
  • Added Renew Users and Add User
  • Added Renew Mags and Add Mags
  • Added Renew Enigma and Add Enigma
  • Added Movies Rating
  • Added Movies TMDB Status
  • Added Movie Server ONE CLICK tap to ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • Added Mass Edit Movie Filter Server/Video/Audio/Quality
  • Added Series Rating
  • Added Series TMDB Status
  • Added Stream State Shortcut
  • Added Stream Source Can Select from Stream Providers
  • Added Stream Server ONE CLICK tap to ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • Added Mass Edit Stream Filter Server/Video/Audio/Quality
  • Added Mass Streams Filter Server/Video/Audio/Quality
  • Added Stream Tools Choose Stream Type To Move
  • Added Stream Tools Replace Movies
  • Added Stream Tools Replace Episodes
  • Renew Quick Tools
  • Renew Mass Delete
  • Added Edit Modul
  • Added Favorit Button
  • Added Disable/Enable Panel and Geolite Update (in settings)
  • Added Remake Server
  • Added Change Streaming Automatic Restart Nginx
  • Added More ISP info in Live Connections (TAP to IP)
  • Added Adjust Credit from Users
  • Added Change MAG Portal from Panel
  • Added Change Panel Port
  • More and More
teko mod 3
teko mod 3

X-TEKO v3.0.1


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