WSE Manager Control Panel for Wowza Server

The WSE Manager Control Panel for Wowza Server is a control panel for video streaming made to manage servers with the Wowza Streaming Engine. With the panel your applications, users, and other Wowza’s details, become simple and practical to set up and especially to teach your users to handle and configure your applications or resellers.


Minimum Requirements​

This is the software requirements needed in your server to run WSE:

  • PHP 5.5x + Curl + GD + JSON + Ioncube + MySQLi

Database Server:

  • MySQL v5.0 – v5.5

Other requirements (not mandatory):

  • ffmpeg
  • unzip
  • vnstat

Install the Script​

It is easy to install, just follow the steps in and answer every option.
After installation go to /application/helpers/wsemanager_helper.php and change
$urlPermitida = array(““);
Also check /application/config/dados.conf if everything is okay


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