Ministra Portal VOD mass import

For those that don’t want to manually add all those movies/series , we have a solution!

Very easy , will automatically import all your movies!

This is not a script that you can install by your self, it requires actual file work.
For the time we can install for you by simply providing us access to your server.

We don’t want your main root password, just create a secondary user with root access and set a password, as soon we are done installing you can remove the added user.

We are not interested in your files or your streams or any other information you may have.

For those still hesitate they can wait till we prepare script for self installing , however till then we can’t guarantee that prices won’t change.

* Sharing of any of the coding will resolve in banning your server and your script will stop working.

Support Ministra Portal Versions: 5.6.1, 5.6.6 ( For Now)

ministra import
ministra import
ministra import
ministra import



For More information please add me on Telegram:

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