Ministra Billing Portal it is a powerful intelligent solution for redistributing IPTV channels through Flussonic, Astra, Stalker/Ministra Portal, Nice-Panel.

Packages for your customers: You can add as many subscription you need. You can put channels in one or more subscriptions, and you can set a price for subscription. The subscriptions will be assigned to each device, so you can control what channels has the user right to view.

Web UI Easy Control with easy to use, user-friendly and responsive design build in Web-UI. You don’t need technical knowledge to work with this system. No action required on servers, just install the solution and manage everything from the powerful control panel.

ministra billing
ministra billing

Ministra billing some portal key features

✅ Fully automated billing system

✅ Automatic deactivation of ministra account once subscription has expired.

✅ Automatic activation of account when purchased from front store.

✅ Ability to add Super resellers, Super resellers can add their own reseller accounts

✅ Automatic activation and deactivation of client accounts

✅ Use your own logo

✅ slogan and copyright message too

✅ Demo accounts for 24H

✅ Automate Paymant System

✅ Dealers and reseller accounts

✅ You get a front end store to sell your products.

✅ You can set a custom currency, From $, £, € to ¥

✅ You can set unlimited Combinations, say $1 for a day , $5 for a month of service or any other duration or cost.

✅ You can sell reseller accounts and end user lines.

✅ You keep 100% of profits.

✅ Front site is 100% automated and users can buy reseller panels or lines and get instant activation.

✅ Added Credits System

Ministra Billing Portal

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